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I certify the accuracy of all the information provided. I understand that there may be additional charges for extra labor due to excess matting or shedding, a specialized style or treatment for parasite infestation. I’ am aware that for the safety of the staff and my pet, that my pet may be muzzled during the grooming process if my pet is showing signs of aggression. I agree to pay all costs and charges for any services requested. I accept sole responsibility for any and all acts and behavior of my pet while in the care of handlers at our grooming facility. If I do not pickup my pet within a responsible amount of time I understand additional charges may apply if a later pick up time was not requested prior to my pets appointment. I understand that every precaution that is taken is to ensure that my pet is as safe and comfortable as possible.

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If you're in the neighborhood, stop by for a visit. We are located at 386 Warren Ave. East Providence RI 02914. Check the map below for location and directions. See you soon!

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